Debo Ogunrinde

Debo Ogunrinde is a Transformational Life Coach trained to help you transform limiting beliefs, limiting mindset, low self-esteem issues and emotional fears into freedom to freely explore your full potential in your personal and business life. I am a graduate of the accredited Health Coach Institute (Health and Wellness Coaching certification) and completed the Transformational Life Coaching Certification at The Life Coach School.

I started MindBasic Academy to educate, empower and provide you with the coaching tools to live a healthier and more prosperous lifestyle using Transformational Coaching methodology mixed with the latest in brain neuroscience that will save you decades of trial and error as you learn mental hacks, discover choices that are available to you NOW, to experience an unshakable self-confidence to achieve lasting results in your personal or business life.

Prior to my learning this new model of achievement, for the first several decades of my life, I had no major purpose for my life, was depressed a lot of the time, I was angry when I wasn’t depressed. I had serious problems connecting with others because I was shy and lacked self-confidence.

And it was really because I was so determined to get out of this cycle of misery, as I tried different tools for many years with minimal results, from religion, fraternity, books, seminars, you name it. Looking back, I’m amazed how I wasn’t more despondent.

Finally, when I started getting coached on how I had been unknowingly creating unwanted results for myself and learning how I could change my thinking and mindset to create different results that most of the issues I was struggling with started to fall away and my self-confidence shot through the roof.

I can attribute my current results with my being so determined and persistent about figuring out the universal laws of how life works which got me to where I am now and the coaching work that I do. Compared to where I used to be, now I’m happy and feel much better. I can’t claim and don’t want to be totally happy every minute but the times that I’m not happy, it’s becoming my choice and if there is ever a compelling reason to snap out of any unhappy situation, I do so very quickly.

I want to coach and help you to transform from The Inside Out using what I have learned along the way including NLP processes, transformational psychology and my personal experiences from the school of hard knocks, so you can Improve your Self Confidence and Self Command in any area of your Personal and/or Business Life.

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